So someone stole my story understanding confusion again! Go to Quizzila and type in the name! As you can see it is posted under some dumb name! If you want to help make an account and click the REPORT button on the right hand side! I can't make the first chapter public to show them its mine because the file is too big on here! If you could though let them know its plagarized that would be really cool! I'm going to change all the character names and copyright it so this doesnt happen again!

check out my book!

Hey guys!! Sorry I have been gone forever! While I was gone I made a book! Please check it out! I'm thinking about maybe doing a boy/boy one next time! it will be a lot cheaper of course then the book I just made since it wont have pics! Let me know if you would be interested in such a project! Otherwise I may play it safe and not do the boy/boy ha ha... I think however boy/boy is the plan! They would probably sell for 8 bucks or something! Thanks for all the love you guys have given me in the past!!!!

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im thinking of writing again.

im not sure what but im uploading word on my boyfriends comp tonight.

any ideas, suggestions, or needs just hit me up.

help me whores!

okay so this is going to be random as hell but i so need a good rp to kids hit me up with all the most amazing rp communities ha ha. this may help and if so making kate make a new one.

UC...chapter 41

Another chapter of Understanding Confusion...Yeah this story is getting long as hell..Im so sorry guys. Once again this is for everyone who reviewed the last chapter...If this sucks blame it on my inability to write or something...

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Chapter 39 of UC!

Hmm this is officially the worst chapter yet...bah...This is completely for Thomas (tommymadden333)..even though he deserves so much better...eek i love that boy hmm too bad he likes the cock

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New Understanding Confusion Chapter....

Okay so finally an update someone might care’s chapter 37 of UC...I dont know if I'm going to post it at fandom anymore it just seems easier to do it on here, no line breaks and what not to worry about. Mm so this is for Jackie...simply because she is amazing, and Thomas because...well I keep forcing him to rp with me:)

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So umm tell me what you think…although im aware its probably awful.